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We meet at Evergreen Hall in Allestree on most Monday evenings from mid September until early December and from early January to June.  We do not usually meet the fourth Monday of the month, but this varies in April, May and December, also in March if Easter is early.

See the Venue page for details of where we meet.  A complete list of dates is given on the Calendar page.

These evenings start with a Technique Class at 7.15 pm for 45 minutes.  This is followed by a General Class at 8.00 pm.  At the technique class the basic steps are explained and practised, and we then usually go through one dance at a slow pace, so this is particularly suitable (but not restricted to!) beginners.  We then do several dances at the general class, each one explained and walked through, and then danced.  Music is from CDs.

We have three qualified teachers, who take it in turns to run each evening.

The cost is £3 per evening.  But your first visit is FREE!

We hold a party evening, with general dancing, and with 'bring and share' food, in December and June.

There is no annual membership, but if you would like to also join our Scottish Association (DSABC), which will then open up a wide range of events, there is a charge of £15 per year.

      7.15 - 8.00   Technique Class
      8.00 - 8.45   General Class
      8.45 - 9.00   Break, tea/coffee provided
      9.00 - 9.50   General Class continues

If you need any further information then please contact us, but otherwise just turn up on a Monday evening - there is no need to make any arrangement before.  No previous experience needed.  Remember to check the Calendar to make sure we are meeting on that Monday!  Please bring soft(ish) shoes to dance in.

Another group, independent of us (but with several members the same), meets at the same location on most Tuesdays for most of the year.  These evenings are aimed at more experienced dancers for performances, but these evenings are open to anyone in July and August during our Summer break.

In addition, we hold two main dances, usually Saturday afternoon late October / early November and late February / early March, at the same venue in Allestree.  These are more formal with a programme published in advanced, and normally with live music.  We practise most of the dances for these events on several of the preceding Monday evenings.

There are other Scottish Dance groups in Derby area, meeting on different evenings; these are listed on the Links page.