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Objects of the Association

To foster a spirit of friendship, social and intellectual intercourse among the Members, and to perpetuate Scottish culture and the memory of Robert Burns.

History of the Association

The men only Derby Burns Club was formed by a group of resident Scottish engineers, doctors and commercial people in 1890.  In addition to the annual Burns Supper held in January each year, lecture, musical and social evenings were much in vogue.

By 1895 the Club had over 200 Members and applied for and was granted membership of the Burns Federation as Member No. 55.  The initial impetus was however gradually lost and the Club almost folded in 1905.   It did however recover and survived the First World War.

Largely to accommodate dancing, in 1920 the Club changed its name to Derby Scottish Association and Burns Club and women were allowed to join as Honorary Members. The Association's Objects and Constitution were also revised at this time and basically pertain to this day.   Despite this, women were not allowed to become full Members until 1947!!

Over the 20th century, the organisation waxed and waned but interest soared after the Second World War, largely due to the setting up of dance classes.   In particular the New Year's Eve Ball became one of THE events in the Derby social calendar.   Membership was maintained through the 60's and 70's due to the large influx of Scots engineers etc to Rolls Royce and the Railway Works and of doctors to operate as GP's or to service the major Derby hospitals.

In 1975 it elected its first woman President, in fact the granddaughter of one of the founding fathers.

As of January 2019 the Association has 92 members.

Association Organisation

The Association is steered by its Members through elected Officers and Committee Members.

The AGM is held in May each year.


Officers of the Association:

          The President
          Immediate Past President
          Senior Vice-President
          Junior Vice-President
          Honorary Secretary
          Honorary Treasurer / Membership Secretary
          Honorary Social Secretary

Officers are elected annually for one year.

It is customary, though not obligatory, that Junior Vice-President becomes Senior Vice-President then President during the following years.

The Presidential Badge of Office (right) was made by Royal Crown Derby, and is a good example of the company's craftsmanship.  It depicts the Cross of St Andrew, the Thistle of Scotland and the Buck in the Park emblem of the City of Derby.

Other Committee Members:

4 elected annually each to serve for 2 years, thus 8 in total.