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Updated 5/3/21

In mid-March 2020 we cancelled all activities.  We tried to resume a few events, but with restrictions then increasing again we have now cancelled all activities and functions for at least the early part of 2021.  We held one informal walk, and will resume when we are able to.  Other activities including the Dance Class remain suspended for the foreseeable future.

Latest:  We have rescheduled our AGM to 8th July, in the hope that we can hold an actual meeting then.  On 10th July we are hoping to hold an informal picnic in a park as the first step to meeting socially again.

Administration and Annual General Meeting

After postponement from 7th May, the 2020 AGM was finally held on 5th November, online by Zoom.  The Officers and Committee were re-elected.  The next AGM is scheduled for 8th July 2021, either an actual meeting or online depending on circumstances at that time.

The Committee continue to operate (almost) as normal.  In 2020 a virtual meeting by email was held in March and an actual (garden!) meeting in August.  Since September 2020 we have been holding virtual meetings by Zoom.

President's Reception and 100th anniversary

This big event, planned for 26/9/20, was cancelled.  We have rescheduled to 25/9/21.  More information on the Functions page.  Something to look forward to in the long term!

Scottish Dancing

Our Dance Class has not taken place since March 2020 and Evergreen Hall has been closed since then.  We are currently trying to communicate with Evergreen as to whether they have any plans for reopening.


We have suspended our programme of regular monthly walks, and likely to remain so for the remainder of Winter 2020/21.  We did run one informal walk, with the intention of doing more, but this will now have to wait at least until the current lockdown is over.  When we do resume, walks will NOT follow the usual pattern of dates.  Details will be communicated to our regular walkers by email, and NOT displayed here.  If you wish to be included, please let our Secretary know by using the email link on the Contacts page (or phone); note this is a SEPARATE mailing list from general circulations.  More details on the Walks page.

Talks evenings

These talks were already under review.  We will not be holding any talks, nor the Members' Evening, through the 2020-21 Winter season.