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Updated 14/9/20 9:00

Our 2019-20 season finished unexpectedly early and abruptly, with everything cancelled from mid-March.  We are now not expecting to restart dancing in the foreseeable future.

Evergreen Hall is expected to be closed for the remainder of 2020, although they are due to review this at the end of September.

We are monitoring guidance from RSCDS on when and how to resume.

We have now finished our "at home" dance circulars for the Summer.

If you want to be updated on further developments and are not on our Dance Class* mailing list, please let us know by using the email link on the Contacts page.  (* If you are also an Association member, please note that this is separate from DSABC mailings, and you need to (also) request to be on the Dance Class list).

Further details of the impact on other Association activites are on the DSABC website.

Autumn Dance / Concert

We will not be running our Autumn Dance on 31st October.  But we are hoping to replace it with an informal afternoon Concert with (the same) musicians Chris and Julie Dewhurst.  See the Saturday dances page for details.  Update: As at 14/9/20, with increasing restrictions on social gatherings, this event is now less likely to take place.

RSCDS Dance at Home

RSCDS is running weekly sessions of "At Home" dancing, using Zoom.  These take place at 7.00 pm on Wednesday evenings and last for half an hour.

There is a different teacher each week.  Several from Scotland, but also many other countries including England, Canada, United States, New Zealand, Australia and Italy.

Each session usually consists of some warm up excercises, maybe a bit of step practice, and then going through a simple dance.  You can just sit and watch, or join in skipping round your lounge!

Anyone (with a computer or other device) can join.  Click on the link below, from 6.45 pm.  Start time is 7.00 pm, but it is best to "tune in" a few minutes before, especially on your first visit.  If you have not used Zoom before, you will be prompted to download when you click the link.  It is straightforward to install and easy to use.  You need to give your name and email; if you intend participating in the Chat facility your name will be displayed to everyone, so you may wish to just give first name.

The link remains the same for several weeks, but changes around every two months.