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Updated 22/5/20 8:30

To state the obvious, none of our activities are currently taking place.  In mid-March we cancelled everything up to mid-May.  At the time that seemed a long way off, but it is now increasingly likely to be (well) into the future before we can resume anything.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM due to take place on 7th May was postponed.  It has been provisionally rescheduled to Thursday 3rd September.  If we are still not able to hold it then, it will be on the first feasible first Thursday of the month thereafter.  A final decision on the September date will be made in mid-August.  Until then, the current Committee will remain in place, and continue to operate as normal with 'virtual' meetings by email.

President's Reception and 100th anniversary

We have reviewed the President's Reception, and the need to plan well in advance for this special year.  The venue has agreed to defer our booking to next year. So, this event will now not take place on 26/9/20 and is rescheduled to 25/9/21.  Something to look forward to in the long term!

Scottish Dancing

Our Monday evening Dance Class in Allestree will not take place for the remainder of the 2019-20 season.  The End of Season Party on 15th June is cancelled.  After our Summer break, we are due to restart - hopefully! - on 14th September.  Further details on the Dance Class website


The walk on 17th June is cancelled.  If feasible, we will resume on 19th July, which is likely to be the Cannock walk which should have been on 15th April.

Talks evenings

These talks were already under review.  We will not be holding any talks through the 2020-21 Winter season.  We are hoping to still hold the usual Members Evening in early 2021.